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boys and girls and whatnot

If you feel neglected because you cannot find your picture here, it is probably because I dont have a proper one of you. Send it to me and be sure to get mentioned here! And do not forget to click on some of the pictures for an in-depth-look into the human mind.

the girls

Emerging young film
                director Tobi U. (back) totally agreed with the jurys decision to award this years Bambi to his female
                colleague (front) and was overwhelmed with emotion about his prize for the second place: a pig!
Having a bald and really
                skinny boyfriend helped her a lot while preparing for her role as the first female hamlet in the history
                of shakespeare plays
Supermans daughter
                liked what her father passed to her with his genes, especially this gaze of steel.

the boys

Ronald MacDonald (right)
                could not believe it. Finally he had found his long lost brother (left) who was now working under the
                name of BurgerWurger as a Mascot for a burger bar in Scotland!
After his brother
                Ronald McDonald had found him in this scottish BurgerBar, he had to take on a new identity. Maybe this
                time he would go for a more subtle disguise as a french super model. He knew that his long time barber
                would keep his mouth shut
The word this man just
                said was ´Porn´...
... while this man makes
Do not try this at home,
                kids! This man is a professionally trained stuntman, totally invulnerable and crazy! Smoking kills
                ordinary people!
Finally he achieved
                Nirvana, the peaceful land behind all material things and the ultimate goal for every guru. If only
                those dirty dishes wouldnt have followed him there too.
Dickesbach did it again:
                After mutilating the view of their neighbors withsome ugly windmills, they now managed to block the
                view of the camera with some local brewery. Damn those Dickesbacher!
Being raised by exotic
                tibetian dancing monks he got kicked out of their clan at the age of 18 because he was "too
                lethargic and philosophical"!
To become an emerging young
                film director, Tobias U. (front) had to do some really nasty stuff in his past. His experience in that
                particular field didnt help him to convince the jury (back) to award him the first prize thou.