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In case you are running chrome or any other modern browser that already supports web-components you can see my github card to the left. On github I store my hobby projects, so feel free to go there, explore, fork or star one of them:

How unlucky am I?

Ever wondered how unlucky you are when it comes to boss loot? Trying to get that one item from a boss in the mmorpg or from a loot crate? Also: React is the hot stuff for quite a long time already so why not use a little project to learn it?

With this little webtool you can get the answer after you input the number of times you already tried. LOTS of data missing though, only a few items from World of Warcraft are included.

World of Warcraft RSS Feed

Since their last redesign Blizzard doesn’t provide an RSS feed on their armory-website anymore. They do however offer an API to access a JSON-encoded activity feed for character and guilds. Since a colleague held a presentation about node.js and how easy it is to deploy a server-app with it, I took the opportunity to enhance my javascript knowledge and wrote this JSON-to-RSS-Feed Converter for World-Of-Warcraft:

The Rasterbator

I took the liberty to update the Rasterbator to run on my MacBook Pro. On MacOS it requires the Mono-Framework to work, under Windows you will need an installed .NET-framework. If you find a bug or have a comment, please write me an email.

What it does? The Rasterbator creates huge, rasterized, multi-page images from any picture. The rasterized images can be printed and assembled into extremely cool posters.

NSIS Installer Scripts

Some NSIS-Installer scripts to build your own .EXE files for: