from friends

some of my friends take panorama pictures too and i take panorama pictures of them
  • Somewhere in Lichtenberg, Berlin
  • Rummelsburger Bucht, Berlin
  • Cologne, Germany
  • Resting after an American Football match
  • Wolfgang, Chloe and Albrecht
  • Sanni und Anna, Blurred and Happy
  • Sonja in my mess
  • Wadi Rum, Jordanien (by Sven Fritz)
  • Sunset at KohTao (by Bastian Müller)
  • Baobab Beach (by Bastian Müller)
  • Dents Du Midi and Mont Blanc (by Bastian Müller)
  • Matterhorn and Dent Blanche (by Bastian Müller)
  • Sunrise at Gorge du Verdon, France (by Bastian Müller)