/ what is this

welcome to my private homepage. you can take the title as a strong hint on what you can find here:

  • as a geek I use this page as a playground for trying out programming stuff, mostly html5/css3/js
  • the photographer wants to show of his pictures from around the world
  • and the terrorpoet writes his travel diraries down and posts them here

one day the terrorpoet will blog here, when the geek finally decides on wether using wordpress or jekyll :-)

/ who I am

/ what has changed

  • 2014/04/19: Changed gallery lib to Image Lightbox and social widgets to ShareButton
  • 2014/04/10: Added new NSIS installer for OpenHardwareMonitor
  • 2014/03/30: Redesign again, feel free to report any bugs
  • 2014/03/15: More panoramas and better preview images for the old ones
  • 2014/03/13: Switched to gulp.js for building this site (and updated the links section)
  • 2014/02/25: Changed mobile menu to something more elegant.
  • 2014/02/12: Updated front page layout
  • 2013/11/19: Updated and cleaned up research page
  • 2012/11/20: New project: wowfeed
  • 2012/08/26: Added more pictures to Panama-Traveldiary

/ where have I been

a map of the countries i have visited so far

visited: 30 (13%)