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"I can't breathe."

I read a transcript of George Floyds last words. I saw a photograph of him lying there, even peaked at the video of the killing. It touched me. And as a white european cis male I can only imagine how hard the struggle is for the afro-american community over there in the usa. Where you have to fear the police, where you can be choked to death for just being in the wrong spot at the wrong time.

And because I don't have to fear that a cop beats or shoots me at a normal traffic stop it's important to listen, to not think in prejudices and search for scapegoats. Because of course I could say: Well, he must have done something, because I never have a problem with the police when they stop me. But that is because I am white...

So, what do some other people do in these times? What do some of the comic writers of my dailies do? What do companies do? Here are some observations I made. And I dont want every comic writer to draw a story about racism and the state of things. Every creator has a right to his creation and what he publishes.

The good:

  • Least I Could Do: Interrupted his normal storyline. Read the following strips too while you are there.
  • Dork Tower: Also interrupted his regular storyline. Got a diverse cast too.
  • PVP Online: Scott Kurtz didn't interrupt his comic storyline but provided helpful links in his news section on how to support the Black Lives Matter cause.

The bad:

  • Companies that jump on the "We post a message on black background but once this is out of the news we don't give a damn". This tweet sums it up pretty good. One example would be WorldWrestlingEnterainment with a history of using racism as a gimmick.

  • Activision-Blizzard is also one of those companies. And although I am still playing their games I stopped paying and went "free-to-play" as the gamers say. But the reason for that is a story for another blog entry. Search for a "tough Hearthstone esports moment" if you want to know more now.

The ugly:

  • Dilbert: While the comic just runs it regular course (which like I said I don't mind), I stumbled over the twitter feed of its creator, Scott Adams. And yeah, that was enough to stop reading his work, because why should I support in any way a guy, that uses the "ANTIFA" scapegoat tactic from the president and even thinks about starting a list of antifa members like they are some sex offenders? I wont be linking him here to not give him anymore reach.

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