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what is this

Welcome to my private homepage. you can take the subtitle as a strong hint on what you can find here:

  • as a geek I use this page as a playground for trying out programming stuff, mostly html5/css3/js
  • the photographer wants to show of his pictures from around the world
  • and the terrorpoet writes his travel diaries down and posts them here

where have I been

what do I do

what do I see

where have I been

A map of the countries I have visited so far
visited: 36 / 195 (18%)

what has changed

  • Updated G4PC specs for 2018 G4PC
  • Added third entry for Cuba
  • Added React project How unlucky am I?
  • Added diary of Greece
  • Added Hardware project Magic Mirror
  • Added first entry for Marokko
  • Added diary of second trip to Tanzania
  • Added diary of Costa Rica
  • Added link to Github