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In case you are running chrome or any other modern browser that already supports web-components you can see my github card to the left. On github I store my hobby projects, so feel free to go there and explore, fork or star one of them.

How unlucky am I?

Ever wondered how unlucky you are when it comes to boss loot? Trying to get that one item from a boss in the mmorpg or from a loot crate? Also: React is the hot stuff for quite a long time already so why not use a little project to learn it?

With this little webtool you can get the answer after you input the number of times you already tried. LOTS of data missing though, only a few items from World of Warcraft are included.

World of Warcraft RSS Feed

Since their last redesign Blizzard doesn’t provide an RSS feed on their armory-website anymore. They do however offer an API to access a JSON-encoded activity feed for character and guilds. Since a colleague held a presentation about node.js and how easy it is to deploy a server-app with it, I took the opportunity to enhance my javascript knowledge and wrote this JSON-to-RSS-Feed Converter for World-Of-Warcraft:

NSIS Installer Scripts

Some programs I use don't come bundled with an installer. For those I created NSIS-Installer scripts to build my own installation binaries. I only keep the installer here, the scripts can be found in my github repository:

The Rasterbator

I took the liberty to update the Rasterbator to run on my MacBook Pro. On MacOS it requires the Mono-Framework to work, under Windows you will need an installed .NET-framework. If you find a bug or have a comment, please write me an email.

What it does? The Rasterbator creates huge, rasterized, multi-page images from any picture. The rasterized images can be printed and assembled into extremely cool posters.

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